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Bulletin 2004

Archive of Rationalist International bulletins:

Bulletin 138, 16 December 2004
  "I have not changed my views", Antony Flew informs Rationalist International - By Sanal Edamaruku
Bulletin 137, 12 December 2004
  Sorry to Disappoint, but I'm Still an Atheist! - Prof. Antony Flew
Bulletin 136, 28 November 2004
  Islam and Women II - Dr. Younus Shaikh
Bulletin 135, 21 November 2004
  Taslima Nasreen receives UNESCO award
  Nigeria: No stoning to death, for now - but Sharia Criminal Code has to go! - RI writes to President Obasanjo
  Pakistan: Change in blasphemy law - welcome, but inadequate
Bulletin 134, 20 November 2004
  Islam and Women - Dr. Younus Shaikh
Bulletin 133, 29 October 2004
  Nigeria: Will Hajara Ibrahim be stoned to death?
  Germany: Head scarf ban for Christian nuns
  Tanzania: Witch football
  Spain: Let the Church finance itself!
Bulletin 132, 30 September 2004
  Solving the mystery of the Giant Skeleton - Sanal Edamaruku
Bulletin 131, 7 September 2004
  Iran: Keeping up "public morality" - The short life and cruel death of Atefeh Rajabi
  Norway: State funds for witchcraft
  UK: Operation "Sweet Lord"
Bulletin 130, 17 August 2004
  France: Waiting for September (Jocelyn Bézecourt)
  Australia: Feeding Christian fundamentalism with tax Dollars
Bulletin 129, 25 July 2004
  Iran: Prof. Aghajari sentenced to five years in prison
  Nigeria: Dangerous defamation campaign against atheists
Bulletin 128, 17 July 2004
  The Passion as a Political Weapon - by Paul Kurtz
Bulletin 127, 5 July 2004
  Canada: Legal ghettos in the name of Allah
  Iran: Death penalty charges against Prof. Aghajari dropped
  USA: Lawsuit against Bush's religion-based initiative
  European Court defends headscarf ban
  Norway: Christian fundamentalism at public expense
Bulletin 126, 21 June 2004
  For now, America remains one nation under God
  Nigeria: Broadcasting Commission bans "miracles" from TV
  USA: Prayers instead of antibiotics
Bulletin 125, 8 June 2004
  Does Richard Dawkins back Astrology?
Flash News, 2 June 2004
  Supreme Court quashes death sentence on Prof. Aghajari
Bulletin 124, May 2004
  Iran: Prof. Aghajari in danger to be executed
  Europe: France reaffirms rejection of god in future EU Constitution
  Nigeria: Muslim panic stops polio immunization
Bulletin 123, 31 March 2004
  Iraq: Missionaries in Baghdad
  USA: One billion tax Dollars for religious charities
  Chile: Legalizing divorce - defying the Church
  Uganda: New massacres of the Lord's Resistance Army
Bulletin 122, 23 March 2004
  V.M. Tarkunde passes away
Bulletin 121, 3 March 2004
  France: No scarf, no cross, no cake
  Finland: Quit the church via internet
  ... and join the Finnish edition of the Bulletin!
  Swaziland: Human sacrifices against AIDS and poverty
  Norway: State church - yes or no?
Bulletin 120, 9 February 2004
  Iraq: Don't touch the secular family law!
  Slovakia: Vatican treaty brings god to schools
  Vatican: The saint of WMDs
Bulletin 119, 24 January 2004
  Dr.Younus Shaikh is free and in safety!
Bulletin 118, 22 January 2004
  Afghanistan: Malalai Joya's challenge
  Afghanistan: Silenced song of women's equality
  Nigeria's Taliban try to seize power
  USA: Who is aware of the First Amendment?
  Pakistan: Now women are free to wed whom they want
  Finland: Record number of members leaving the church