13 February 2008


Taslima Nasreen's Indian visa expires on 17 February.
What can YOU do?

“All I want to do is live peacefully in this country.
I have nowhere else to go!"

Dear friend:

There have been reports in a section of electronic media this evening that the Home Ministry of Government of India has extended Taslima Nasreen's visa. Similar reports appeared two weeks back in several newpapers and television.

I wish to inform that this information is baseless.

From the undisclosed place where she is kept by the authorities, Taslima Nasreen informed some minutes back that the information in circulation is not correct.

Taslima's visa expires on 17th Februay 2008. 16th and 17th being Saturday and Sunday, if her visa is not extended in the next two days, her stay in India will become illegal on Monday, the 18th. She can then be arrested for illegal stay or can be deported.

Taslima writes: "All I want to do is live peacefully in this country. I have nowhere else to go."

(To read the full text of her letter, please visit www.rationalistinternational.net)

What can you do?

Write a letter NOW to the Prime Minister of India requesting him to give residence permit to this renouned Bengali writer who loves and respects India.

Please act fast. Time is running out.

Sanal Edamaruku
Rationalist International & Indian Rationalist Association

Please remember the following points when you write to the Prime Minister of India

  • India is the largest democracy in the world and has a great tradition of tolerance.
  • Freedom of speech and expression are Human Rights and are guaranteed in the Constitution of India.
  • The handful fundamentalists who demand Taslima's expulsion do not represent the people of India.
  • Taslima did not violate any law in India.
  • Taslima stands for freedom, secularism, liberalism, progress and spirit of enquiry - the values of modern India.
  • Taslima Nasreen should be given residence permit immediately (and Indian ciizenship if she requests for it).
  • She should be allowed to live in dignity and freedom, and should be protected from fanatics.

The email ID of Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India:


Mark a copy to taslima@rationalistinternational.net

Please write your full address, including titles, positions etc. (if any).

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