Joseph Edamaruku Memorial

Joseph Edamaruku (1934 - 2006)
Joseph Edamaruku (1934 - 2006)

The Rationalist Centre at New Delhi invited its friends to commenmorate the birth anniversary of late Joseph Edamaruku, eminent rationalist, scholar and author, former president of the Indian Rationalist Association and Honorary Associate of Rationalist International. The Memorial Lecture was delivered by Paul Kurtz, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo, chairman of the Center for Inquiry - Transnational and Honorary Associate of Rationalist International. Prof. Kurtz spoke about "The Scientific Temper and Secularism: Towards a New Planetary Ethics".

At the Rationalist Centre at New Delhi: Prof. Paul Kurtz delivers the Joseph Edamaruku Memorial Lecture (from left: Innaiah Narisetti, Prof. Paul Kurtz, Sanal Edamaruku, V S Kumaran)
During the International Rationalist Conference 2000 at Trivandrum: Joseph Edamaruku (in the middle) gives the First International Rationalist Award to Prof. Paul Kurtz (left: Sanal Edamaruku)

Prof. Paul Kurtz as been a friend of the Indian Rationalist Association (IRA) since many years. In 2000, he inaugurated the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the IRA during the International Rationalist Conference at Trivandrum, Kerala. He appreciated its great contributions in exposing claims of paranormal powers not only in India, but also - via substantial coverage in the US-media - in America ("In Praise of Rationalism"). Prof. Kurtz is recipient of the first International Rationalist Award, which was given to him during the Trivandrum conference by Josepf Edamaruku, then president of the Indian Rationalist Association.